My research exploits the structure of signals in the physical world and the flexibility of human perception to make computation more efficient.


Summary of Recent Research

My research focuses on designing programming language constructs, algorithms, and hardware architectures that permit as many errors as constraints of input signals or the consumers of the system’s output can tolerate. My research results range from proofs of bounds on properties of algorithms, programming language and compiler tools, to printed circuit board and FPGA prototypes. 

I am a TFP fellow in EECS at MIT, affiliated with the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), where I work primarily with Martin Rinard.


Recent Research Publications

  1. Jürgen Cito, Julia Rubin, Phillip Stanley-Marbell, and Martin Rinard. 2016. Battery-aware transformations in mobile applications. In Proceedings of the 31st IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE 2016). September 2016. 
  2. P. Stanley-Marbell, P. A. Francese, and M. Rinard. "Encoder Logic for Reducing Serial I/O Power in Sensors and Sensor Hubs", In 28th Annual IEEE Symposium on High-Performance Chips (Hot Chips'16),  August 2016.
  3. P. Stanley-Marbell and M. Rinard. "Reducing Serial I/O Power in Error-Tolerant Applications by Efficient Lossy Encoding", In 53rd Annual ACM/IEEE Design Automation Conference (DAC'16), June 2016.
  4. P. Stanley-Marbell, V. Estellers, and M. Rinard "Crayon: Saving Power through Shape and Color Approximation on Next-Generation Displays", In 11th Annual European Conference on Computer Systems,  (EuroSys'16), April 2016.
  5. P. Stanley-Marbell. "How Device Properties Influence Energy-Delay Metrics and the Energy-Efficiency of Parallel Computations". In USENIX/ACM HotPower'15, October 2015.
  6. P. Stanley-Marbell and M. Rinard. “Efficiency Limits for Value-Deviation-Bounded Approximate Communication”, In IEEE Embedded Systems Letters Journal,  7(4), 109-112, 2015.
  7. P. Stanley-Marbell and M. Rinard. “Approximating Outside the Processor", In Wax'15, Co-located with ACM PLDI'15, 2015.
  8. P. Stanley-Marbell and M. Rinard. “Value-Deviation-Bounded Serial Data Encoding for Energy-Efficient Approximate Communication”, MIT-CSAIL-TR-2015-022, 2015.
  9. P. Stanley-Marbell and M. Rinard. “Lax: Driver Interfaces for Approximate Sensor Device Access”, In USENIX HotOS’15, 2015.

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Recent Patent Grants / Patent Applications

  1. C. de la Cropte de Chanterac, P. Stanley-Marbell, K.  Venkatraman, and G. Kapoor (Apple, Inc.). "Smart Advice To Charge Notification". US Patent Publication Number 20160357654/A1, December 8, 2016.
  2. P. Stanley-Marbell, G. Kapoor, and U. Vaishampayan (Apple, Inc.). "Dynamic Adjustment of Mobile Device Based on Adaptive Prediction of System Events". US Patent Number 9,465,679, granted October 11, 2016.
  3. P. Stanley-Marbell, G. Kapoor, and U. Vaishampayan (Apple, Inc.). "Dynamic Adjustment of Mobile Device Based on System Events". US Patent Number 9,462,965, granted October 11, 2016.
  4. P. Stanley-Marbell, G. Kapoor, and U. Vaishampayan (Apple, Inc.). "Dynamic Adjustment of Mobile Device Based on Thermal Events". US Patent Number 9,432,839, granted August 30, 2016.
  5. J. Wood, K. Vyas, A. Vyrros, G. Kapoor, P. Stanley-Marbell et al. (Apple, Inc.).  "Push notification initiated background updates". US Patent  Number 9,392,393, granted July 12, 2016.
  6. P. Stanley-Marbell, G. Kapoor, K.-M. Wan, and J. Andrews  (Apple, Inc.). "Dynamic adjustment of mobile device based on user activity". US Patent  Number 9,256,484, granted February 9, 2016.

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Recent Teaching Activities